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Becoming An Automotive Technician
One of many career training paths to evaluate is the exciting career of becoming an automotive technician. If you have a passion for cars, trucks, engines or what goes into their engineering, this could be the right field to jump into.
Automotive technicians have a number of responsibilities. They conduct inspections, apply regular maintenance & repair autos throughout the year. Seasonality is at a minimum in this industry as people are always driving and whether it's an oil change or a full engine replacement, technicians are needed year round. [...]

Is Getting A Medical Billing And Coding Certification Worth It
Becoming certified is mandatory with some careers, while in others, it is recommended or simply considered voluntary. Even when it is not required, obtaining a certification can give a job seeker the edge with a prospective employer. For those who already have a job, it can increase the chance for promotion. Medical billers and coders sometimes wonder if getting a voluntary medical billing and coding certification is worthwhile.

First, a bit about certification, which is usually obtained after graduation from a formal educational program. Individuals must take and pass a certification exam to demonstrate that they meet a minimum competency level. Several organizations offer certifications in different areas of the medical billing and coding field. Most of them are professional membership-based societies and in nearly all cases, the certification is valued for a certain period, typically one year. To renew the certification, the individual must earn a specified number of continuing education units. [...]

The Outlook For Medical Billing And Coding Careers
It seems like it will be a long time before the unemployment rate declines. In the meantime, people who are out of work and cannot find jobs in their field of experience are changing careers. Healthcare is a hot industry right now, making medical billing and coding careers a suitable alternative. However, before they spend time obtaining the education required to perform these jobs, these people want to make sure they will not end up back on the unemployment line in a few years. [...]

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